Turkey extends its cyber support to Qatar for securing FIFA World Cup 2022

The Emir of Qatar has turned to Turkey for strengthening the security of FIFA World Cup 2022. This is not the first time Qatar has turned to its otherwise political ally, Turkey for cyber support especially related to cyber intelligence.

Earlier also, Turkey proved to be a cyber ally for Qatar. Turkey emerged as a key player in cyber warfare domain by providing cyber assistance to Qatar. Turkey identified five suspects that were involved in hacking of Qatar News Agency (QNA). Later, there were many bilateral agreements signed between them based on enhancing Qatar cyber capabilities to sustain its developmental position in the region as well.

Providing cyber intelligence services to next year FIFA World Cup, officers of the MIT, Turkey’s intelligence service has been moving to Doha to work on security with their counterparts at Qatar’s State Security and with interior ministry officials.

To ensure adequate security in the sporting event, the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani first approached the MIT, headed by Hakan Fidan, and the Turkish gendarmerie and army, in 2017.

Hakan Fidan sent his top cyber-defence specialists to Doha, plans to train State Security officers in electronic interception and signal analysis.

Turkey has proved a very good option for Qatar to boost its cyber capability in order to defend itself in the region. There is also cooperation between Turkey and Qatar on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, whether at the level of infrastructure or the security field, as the two countries signed a security cooperation protocol aimed at cooperating in securing the World Cup, and exchanging experiences in this regard.

Qatar is in turn investing $10bn in the Turkish economy, through deposits in Turkey’s central bank and investments and provides financial support for the Turkish defence industry.

The growing cyber co-operation suggests that Qatar is looking forward towards getting all forms of cyber support including offensive and defensive capabilities from its close ally Qatar in present and also in near future.



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