Top Cyber Offensive firms to represent themselves in the upcoming ISS world Middle East & Africa 2022

The Intelligence Support Systems (ISS) World Middle East and Africa is the world’s largest gathering of Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland security Analysts, Telecom as well as financial crime Investigators responsible for cyber Crime investigation, Electronic surveillance, and Intelligence Gathering.

The upcoming event will be held in Dubai, UAE, at the JW Marriott Hotel, between 28 February and 02 March. The ISS World Conference has augmented to bring thousands of eminent spyware firms, hacking teams, and powerful bureaucrats that include NSO Group, Cleartrail Technologies, Straitign, BAE system, MOLLITIUM, Speartech, Search Light, providence, Infodus, and many more. The offensive cyber firms jointly participate to invest in some of the latest and greatest in retail spying kits.

Cyber Offensive firms participate in the upcoming ISS world Middle East & Africa 2022

Talking about Israel’s cyber espionage firm NSO Group which is famous for its self-developed software Pegasus, is a premier sponsor of ISS World events. In the upcoming event ISS Middle East & Africa, NSO Group is supposed to give a talk on “Setting standards in Cyber Technology & Defense”.

The next top offensive firm is The BAE system which is Britain’s biggest surveillance company known for furtively selling mass surveillance technology to 6 Middle Eastern managements that consist- Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Algeria, and Morocco. In the upcoming ISS event, the BAE system will provide the world’s most advanced solutions to protect and enhance the connected world.

ClearTrail Technology is another firm that contributes as the Associate lead sponsor at ISS World Middle East and Africa 2022. The firm will showcase state-of-art solutions for lawful interception, IP data investigations, and open-source intelligence. Also, Cleartrail will conduct its sessions on the topics- Generating CDRs for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal and other Encrypted VoIP Applications, Encryption vs. You: 3 Ways to Combat Threats at a Nationwide Scale, Anonymity vs. You: Smart Methods to Identify Virality, Bots and Personally Identifiable Information.

Stratign is another Dubai-based Cyber Intelligence firm that presents high-grade state-of-the-art communication acumen solutions to defense and law enforcement agencies across the world. The firm participated in the ISS Middle East and Africa 2021 Event in which they explored their Latest Technological Developments in the field of Defense and Cyber Security; from Communication Interception Systems to Jamming Equipment. But now in 2022, it holds an apex position around the globe in communication interception, Signal Processing Systems, and communication security systems.

Mollitiam Industry is one of the most promising companies among all the above-mentioned conglomerates. The firm was launched in 2018. It is a jointly-developed cyber offensive unit of the engineering consultancy In-Nova and the cyber security firm StackOverflow Ltd. In the ISS world the Middle East and Africa 2021, the firm participated to the fullest and presented “advanced data exfiltration on modern Smartphone’s: inside the targets compromised”. Now in 2022 ISS world MEA 2022 the firm contributes its three sessions on the topics- Obtaining valuable information from the latest versions of MacOS, Riots in Colombia: crowd control on the Internet, and Advanced data exfiltration on modern smartphones: inside the targets compromised.

The participation of discrete cyber offensive conglomerates implies that decisive cyber contracts were signed in this event by major countries. Every nation wants to be superior, especially in the offensive cyber domain. As this ISS event is the golden opportunity for firms to showcase their talents so that in the future they will get more foreign contracts of diverse cyber events.



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