Signal become a sale tool for cyber-interception specialists Intellexa and ClearTrail

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2 min readSep 26, 2022


For a Long time, WhatsApp has been used as a “cyber tool” for cyber infiltration specialists, but now secure communication app Signal is getting increasing attention from companies in this sector.

As per the revelations made by Intelligence Online, they had seen a document that includes a screen capture showing the control panel of an Intellexa cyber tool in which Signal can be seen in a column marked “microphone recording”.

A Macedonian cyber intelligence company Cytrox which was taken over in 2018 by WiSpear, has now owned by Intellexa. It was originally based in Cyprus but a recent report indicates that Intellexa now operates from Greece, which is also listed as the LinkedIn location of its founder, Israeli entrepreneur Tal Dilian. Intellexa offers an end-to-end solution for surveillance and hacking solution to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Cyber-interception specialists Intellexa and ClearTrail

Intellexa was itself unable to intercept Signal communications. However, its cyber tool, which does not target the app in itself, can gain access to all its content once it has been installed on the target device, including Signal communications.

Indian firm ClearTrail Technologies is also in the race with Intellexa which is trying to break Signal’s security system. In a specialized trade fair, Indian interception specialist ClearTrail showcases its capabilities to extract information from the American secure communications application. However, the company does not try to break Signal’s encryption but it limits itself to accessing its meta-data as a means of obtaining data that can be exploited.

Indore-based ClearTrail Technologies was set up by Praveen Kankariya and is a renowned lawful interception solution provider offering a wide range of communication interception solutions, monitoring & analytics solutions to intelligence agencies that conduct mission-critical operations to neutralize threats & solve the crime. It also participated in ISS World Middle East which was held on 28 Feb — 02 March 2022 in UAE.

In recent years, Signal has been enjoying success after its rival WhatsApp updated its terms of usage policy in 2021 to allow more data to be shared with its parent company, Meta (ex-Facebook). It has been seen that Signal becomes a popular app among journalists and politicians because of its ease of access and robust security.

Both the above, stated cyber interception firms use signals as their sales pitch for the government across the globe.



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