Rajesh Batreja ex GM of ClearTrail join Jarvis Invest to expand its business in Middle East

Mumbai- based start-up Jarvis Invest, an Indian AI-based investment advisory platform, has appointed cybersecurity veteran Rajesh Batreja as chief strategy officer. Under his leadership, the brand is trying to expand its operations in the Middle East and the US. The company has announced the closure of its strategic funding round, having raised USD 600,000 from a leading family office in UAE.

Cybersecurity veteran Rajesh Batreja

Batreja comes with an experience of 15 years in the field of business development, financial services, and Tech Industries. Previously, he worked at ClearTrail Technologies, the leading Communication Data Analytics firm at the position of Dy. General Manager.

Indore-based ClearTrail Technologies was founded by Praveen Kankariya and is a renowned lawful interception solution provider offering a wide range of communication interception solutions, monitoring & analytics solutions to intelligence agencies that conduct mission-critical operations to neutralize threats & solve the crime.

ClearTrail was also rated as one of the leading Asian firms producing and exporting intrusion software outside the EU by its participation in various ISS World events. The ISS World Programs showcase the methodologies & tools used for Law Enforcement, Public Safety & Government Intelligence Communities, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism & other criminal activities conducted over today’s telecommunications network, the Internet & Social Media as the need for such tools rose in coming days.

Even Delhi-based firm Aglaya, founded by Ankur Srivastava too has supplied surveillance equipment at several ground locations in the country and abroad too by expanding their exports in the field of their cyber-surveillance technologies — intrusion software, mobile telecommunications interception equipment, cyber forensics, etc.

Participation in such global events opens the gateway for companies like ClearTrail and Aglaya to gain contracts for highly official authorities of those countries who need such services. This proves that the Indian sector is improving drastically in the cyber sector.

Indian cyber offensive players have improved too much in this sector which attracts foreign countries to take their services.



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