Phronesis Co- founder Brig. Prabhakar Bryan Miranda raise alarm about 9/11 like Cyber attacks

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2 min readFeb 3, 2022

In a recent interaction with Economic Times, Brigadier Prabhakar Bryan Miranda, co-founder of Phronesis-stated that 9/11 cyber attack is “an unusual threat has taken primacy that goes much deeper into the mind and impacts the daily lives of general public. The fraudsters have started to dig deeper into decisive national infrastructure and such attacks exhibit the reach of these events”

The expert on offensive and defensive cyber technologies with a distinguished background of serving as a Brigadier in security forces raised the alarm analyzing the changing cyber ecosystem and emerging new threat actors.

He founded Phronesis with Ram Chander Chhillar in 2014. It’s a Guru gram based cyber-intelligence firm having expertise in OffSec playground and is currently also heading Cyph3r, a security Operation Centre (SOC), founded in 2018, which brings Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security Monitoring, Endpoint Monitoring, Audit Assistance and Business Intelligence, permit them to utilize as a single entity.

The originators of Phronesis offered cybersecurity and forensic scrutiny, both to India and other parts of the globe. Phronesis has brought India to the forefront of offering offensive cyber proficiency. One of its attainments has been the victorious malware attack on Chinese inhabitants.

Indian cyber actors: Phronesis

Miranda has also been advising British cyber security and intelligence firm Kinetic Six, which was founded by former British defense ministry cyber specialist Shaun Leavy and is now looking to obtain contacts in the Emirates. Chillar’s serving cyber intelligence services to Dubai via Coronesis Consultancy set up in 2016.

Phronesis Corporate acumen Services is also admired in the UAE for its inclusive intelligence and due attentiveness that it provides for highly complex situations. The aim has been to develop their cyber commerce and gain global appreciation. The firm helped in its client’s famous business opportunities and amplified its organization’s reputation online.

Phronesis’s recognition is accredited by its previous operations, like Dropping Elephant, Monsoon and, Patchwork, targeting Indian subcontinent. In these operations they deployed a pair of EPS exploits that seems sanctioned operation but are known to be malevolent documents, intended at scattering BAD NEWS payload. It acts as a secret entrance for hackers, providing them the full authority of the victim’s machine and exploiting HTTP for contact with remote servers.

It’s true that there is a subsist gaps in the security framework of India that have led the technocrats to generate a real threat scenario. A study by Crisco illustrated that nearly 70% of Indian conglomerates experienced 25% increment in cyber attacks in 2020 as compared to 2019. However, the strong offensive response offered by players like Phronesis will be of great help in creating deterrence in the field of Cyber warfare and will positioning India strongly on the Global front.



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