MENA countries adopt military drones to match the global changing trends of modern warfare

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Drone an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) nowadays have become a tool for cyber warfare too. They are now entering in the sphere of state-sponsored warfare.

Recently, on Sunday Iran’s top officials announced that Tehran is determined to strengthen its drone industry and cooperate with other countries for manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) aimed to become one of the five drone powers in the world.

Iran has already made its relevance in the drone industry. As per western reporters Russia is accused for using Iranian-made drones to carry out attacks against Ukraine in ongoing conflict.

But Iran is not the only player of drone industry making its mark. Turkey that already holds experience of providing cyber capabilities to countries like Qatar is also progressing in this direction.

Turkish firm SONGAR is selling armed drones to Asian and African country. The company also recently completed delivery of armed drones to the Nigerian Police force. It is also reported to have been exporting to Asia-Pacific countries.

According to Anadolu Agency, in 2018 at Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference, a deal was signed between Qatar Armed Forces and the Turkish aircraft manufacturer ‘Baykar Machinery. As a part of this deal Turkey handover six “Bayraktar TB2”military drones to Qatar.

Media says that Turkey TB2 drone has brought business order from across 16 countries including Azerbaijan, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia etc. Saudi Arabia is also in talks to buy TB2 drone.

In 2021, Israeli defense firm IAI, who specialized in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) entered a partnership with the state-sponsored weapon maker EDGE Group of United Arab Emirates developed an advanced drone defense system.

In Asia, not only Israel, Iran and Turkey but state sponsored actors of China and India who was infamous for providing offensive cyber services also tried their luck in the drone segment.

In March, during the world defense show held in Riyadh, China’s Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) ties up with Saudi Arabia’s Advanced Communication and Electronics Systems Co. The joint ventures aimed to set up China’s Electronics Technology Group Corp establish an R&D centre to manufacture different types of drones.

China also signed a contract with Saudi Arabia for the purchase of Chinese long-endurance unmanned drones Wing Loong.

India established cyber players are also progressing in military drone segment. India’s renowned offensive cyber providers Anant Bindal Founder of Shoghi and Brigadier Ram Chillar works for C1 cyber Solution at Crown group and also founder of Phronesis are also moving toward the industry of Military Drones.

Anant Bindal who has initiates the selling of military drones from its UAE based firm Stratign has included military drone in its online catalogue for pitching clients at the Arab defense shows for 1 year. Brigadier Ram Chillar is developing a low-cost handheld anti-drone gun for the armed forces.

If we observe closely it becomes clear that offensive cyber players are realising that drone surveillance is becoming an important need of the States in modern warfare practices and accordingly stated entities are all set to grab the early bird opportunity in the game.



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