Indian throwback “Aliens” narrative to counter alleged adverse cyber capability posed by western media

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2 min readNov 16, 2022


Developing nations in Asia have been building cyber capabilities in the past few years which led to the advent of cyber training business in Asia. For instance, the Southeast University of China, Singtel cyber security institute of Singapore, etc.

Among which Indians made good progress too. But, that is not how western media sees it. Many Indian professionals are earning millions in protecting foreign /national tech giants from cyber attacks.

Indian cyber community

However, the narrative of an Indian newspaper “Dailypioneer” is barely acknowledged by the western media as they have been seen as interested more in controversial issues relating to the Indian cyber community. But, this time, apparently they will taste their medicine as the Indian media tagged them as “Aliens” reporting about their country.

The article highlights how lovely foreign correspondence looks down upon the events happening in a developing country. Unlike their country, where they would not even dare to report anything without concrete evidence, they go in full swing to a half-cooked story in a developing nation of the East.

They act as” Aliens” and report on a certain prejudiced narrative as soon as they get a hint about any controversial spin to a cyber story. Instead of reporting on both sides of Asian cyber capabilities, they seem more inclined on highlighting the dark side of it.

According to recent news by the Indian news site Dailypioneer, a similar case was highlighted about an Indian training institute by western media in a certain manner. The writer finds it extremely amusing how alien to their culture, western media houses went behind a wrong clue to build the castle of conclusions against training institutes and their founders in India.

The above instance shown above depicts how western media lacks the understanding of placing responsibility for a certain incident in the East. Their research is highly peripheral and focused on a lop-sided narrative.

Such western media trials can affect the training businesses to a great scale as no one would like to take responsibility for their former students. The case discussed case in the Dailypioneer article also suggests that a certain amount of ethical training and check is certainly required to keep a check on adverse usage of the knowledge imparted.



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