Indian private actors extending surveillance technology to States

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3 min readMar 30, 2022


The previous decade has witnessed a sharp increment in the development of surveillance technology. It is interesting to note that today almost all countries in Asia and the Middle East are using some form of surveillance technology.

Since most of the countries in Asia and the Middle East are still adopting technologies like that in their internal technology infrastructure; there has been a rise in demand for private technology firm surveillance technologies to meet State needs.

Among which Indian start-ups surveillance companies have snatched the limelight. Following are some of the ambitious Indian start-ups providing surveillance services.

Indian Private surveillance technology startup

Surveillance start-ups

1. Staqu- The Gurugram based startup founded by Atul Rai is known for its Jarvis solution, a surveillance camera with a function of microphone. The startup has been already leveraged by the UP Government. The company has partnered with eight state police forces to offer their solutions in construction, hospitality, banking, ITES, and retail, to create actionable insights from CCTV clips with their concurrent alert providing AI and Computer vision technology. These cameras also alert neighboring hospitals or police stations in a situation of an accident.

2. iVIS- The Hyderabad based startup offers security and Surveillance software and hardware solutions for conglomerates, together with video surveillance and management solution. The company was founded by Qusai Sarraf (a retail transformation leader, entrepreneur and innovator). The solution of the startup consist live video, monthly activity summary, sending messages, and accessing archived video clips.Live video streams are also accessible on mobile phones.

3. Videonetics Technology Private Limited- It offers a world leading visual computing platform. It is a Kolkata based startup founded by Tinku Acharya. The startup specializes in advancing inventive security solutions such as Intelligent Video Management Software, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analytics, Forensic Tools, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Facial Detection & Recognition, IoT Based Video Analytics and many other technologies.

4. Innefu Labs- This Delhi based startup was founded by Abhishek Sharma and Tarun Vij. Innefu is an Information Security R&D startup that provides cutting edge Information Security & Data Analytics solutions. The company has become a leading player in the space of Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics and Unified Authentication Solution.

Their Biometric and Facial Authentication solutions are being used in several corporations in India and Middle East. The start-up’s data analytic solution used to trace international cyber criminals escalate across three countries i.e., India, Middle East and south-East Asia.

5. Drishti Hackathon- The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Sashastra Seema Balhad mutually launched this startup which aims to advance border security and illegal intrusions using surveillance. The solutions would sense doubtful vehicles and use drones to scrutinize susceptible areas. The SSB has invited numerous Indian start-ups to provide solutions in any data format and supervise Indian borders to understand this technology.



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