Indian digital marketing firms serving Qatar will need to tread cautiously after naval officers’ row

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2 min readJan 8, 2024


In the midst of all this, Indian companies serving Eight former Indian Naval officers, who were earlier sentenced to death in Qatar on unspecified charges, now have 60 days to appeal the jail terms after a court in Qatar had commuted their death penalties.

Diplomatic back-channel negotiations for the release of the naval officers are on-going and there is hope that Qatar would show compassion in the matter, but, as yet, the tiny Gulf nation has not given any clear indication that it would do so.

This is a tale wrapped in utmost mystery and there have been signs of a growing anti-Qatar sentiment in the Indian community.

Indian digital marketing companies serving Qatar

Qatar in different capacities is being brought under the scanner. While there is no apparent call to boycott Qatar, such companies will have to play a balancing act and keep away from any service that might prove to be controversial, both nationally and globally.

One of the most in-demand and potent services that most Gulf nations seek is in the realm of digital marketing. Such services are sought to either enhance a country’s reputation online or deal with geo-political crises.

In this information age, digital marketing has been, to a large extent, weaponised. It also pays handsomely and some of the Indian companies are making a hay.

Let’s take a look at some of the Indian digital marketing companies engaged with the Gulf state.

  1. De Sparrow Solutions Pvt Ltd — A Calicut-based (a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala) leading information technology firm, founded in 2007 by Nancy Sparrow, offers an array of services that consists of digital marketing, web development, software development, brand building and SEO services. The firm also provides creative and technologically-advanced solutions for medium to large businesses internationally, most importantly Qatar.
  2. Ovalion — This Kochi-based firm is a leader in SEO and web SEO design services and was founded by Rituraj Nathin2006. The company serves in crucial domains in Qatar. The firm, which started with only a few clients, is now working on more than 100 projects. The firm emphasizes on keyword value analysis and is focused on link building with a sophisticated, cutting-edge reporting system.
  3. Socialize Qatar — Based in Gurugram in the state of Haryana, this is a very popular digital marketing agency with specialization in SEO services and influencer marketing, among others. They have offices in Qatar.



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