GRA subsidiary “Qrypt” is hiring employees all over the World

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2 min readSep 12, 2022


According to a research, it was found that “Qrypt” is hiring people across the world for its operations and spreading its clientele

Recently, Quantum Science and Engineering of Indiana collaborated with various industry and government partners, which include Accenture, Qrypt, Sky water technology etc, to develop quantum technologies in a new NSF-funded center.

Qrypt a quantum secure Encryption Company established to protect and defend our collective privacy from exploitation, regardless of where the threat originates. It was founded by consultancy and cybersecurity firm Global Risk Advisors (GRA). It was a brainchild of GRA founders, Kevin Chalker and Denis Mandich, who came in the limelight in past few years due to collaboration with the state of Qatar.


A few months ago,Qatar hired Global Risk Advisors’s (GRA) for a covert influence operation, named “Project Riverbed, which targeted Theo Zwanziger, president of the German soccer federation who had been highly critical of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022.

Qrypt is also known to be hiring people all over the world from the UK, Budapest, Singapore, India, Bulgaria, and Rwanda for its operations. Qrypt attracts talented people across the world to join them by offering higher salaries in comparison to other companies in their home country.

Quantum Internet Event 2022

Even a few months ago, Denis Mandich, CTO Qrypt, was one of the speaker s at the world’s Quantum Internet Event organized on Feb 21–23 in The Hague. Denis and other cyber security experts across the world also participated in that event. Participation in such events open gateways for getting cyber contracts/meeting highly officials for major countries.

Last year, Qrypt announced a partnership with Barcelona-based Quside Technologies to jointly deliver a quantum secure data protection solution. In this way, GRA is expanding its wings by partnerships and participating in such events.

In the fast growing technological space there is a chance of a rise in cyber attacks and state-sponsored espionage. Every country wants to safeguard itself from cyber loss.

We can say, in the name of Qrypt, GRA is making their army in the field of cybersecurity so that they can expand, its wings across the world by providing assistance in both offensive and defensive domains to those countries that are lacking behind in cyber skills, like Qatar.

GRA is on the verge of making its foothold strong in the cyber domain and making a whole sole company in this particular field.



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