Facial recognition tool market gain popularity among Asian Countries

Over the last 10 years, Artificial Intelligence technology has evolved immensely. The new invention ‘Facial Recognition’ is an Artificial Intelligence Technology that is used to identify or confirm the identity using a face.

The Facial recognition market is growing exponentially. Tech giants Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are functioning towards improving their facial detection software for superior precision. According to the findings of the past year, Facial recognition is expected to grow from a 3.8 billion-dollar industry in 2020 to $8.5 billion by 2025. The most significant use of this industry is in the surveillance and defense sectors.

Facial recognition tool market gain popularity among Asian Countries

One of the most extensively considered forms of spyware these days is bio-metric face recognition. A recent investigation by The Washington Post revealed that the Israeli army is using a facial recognition artificial technology in the engaged West Bank called ‘Blue Wolf”. Utilizing this system, Israel is constructing a database of the Palestinian masses.

Even before this, it had been known that Israel uses Facial recognition technologies in the occupied territories. According to a 2019 investigative report from NBC, The Israeli company ‘Oosto’ now renamed ‘Anyvision’ provided the Israeli military with a technology called Google Ayosh (an acronym for “Judea and Samaria” that the Israeli administration uses to refer West bank). This Artificial technology is based on cameras that are spread across the West Bank with the reason of recognizing individuals through facial recognition technologies. Later it was reported that this same system was used by the Police of Israel to identify Palestinians in the street of East Jerusalem.

The Indian Nation also started efficiently using this Facial Recognition Artificial Intelligence technology to enhance its law enforcement proficiencies. Reports suggest that the Indian region aims to formulate a countrywide automatic Facial recognition system (AFRS) to classify culprits across the country.

Amnesty International (a UK-based International non-governmental organization highly focused on Human Rights) also contacted five companies in India named (IDEMIA, NEC India, Staqu, Vision-Box, and INNEFU Labs). The organization asked questions related to the facial recognition correlated activities and human rights policies. And it was identified that only INNEFU Labs was not under any obligation to adhere to any terms and conditions of its vendor companies.

Dozens of Chinese conglomerates have also formed software that uses facial recognition artificial intelligence to sort data collected on residents, along with high demand from establishments looking to upgrade their surveillance tools. According to the examination of Reuters, over the past four years, dozens of organizations in China have bought such software, known as “one person, one file”.

In the end, it’s clear that Facial recognition Artificial Intelligence technology has gained enough popularity among different regions of Asia as the Asian countries are efficiently using this technology as their tool for conducting mass surveillance.


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