Emirati Cyber security Firm ‘Digital 14’ is to set up its branch in India’s Capital

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2 min readJan 29, 2022

Digital 14 (UAE Cyber Security firm) — established vulnerabilities laboratory xen1thLabs which is also contributed in Darkmatter’s operations, is all ready to set up its branch in Delhi (India). The speedy development of cyberspaces throughout the world has brought an enhancement in cybersecurity-related bilateral agreements. To comprehend the broad nature of the cyber threat, whilst securing cyberspaces, the countries are collaborating on cybersecurity efforts and initiatives at a global level.

In a recently held cyber security event, Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti (Emirati’s Cyber security chief) acknowledged at the Indian hacking and cyber security conference c0c0n which took place from 12 to 13 November.

The UAE’s publicly owned cyber company Digital14 has set up a shop in India in February. The company is headed in India by Sanjiv Jain and Deep Datta, both of whom previously worked for the cyber intelligence firm Darkmatter, some of whose most strategic activities were taken over by Digital14. Digital14 distributes the Katim secure communications system, initially developed by Darkmatter and operates the vulnerabilities laboratory xen1thLabs.

Over time, the Middle East has become a land of opportunities for Indian cyber intelligence firms. A strong connection has evolved between Middle East giants like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar and Indian cyber experts like Phronesis, Aglaya, and Shoghi.

Phronesis Corporate Intelligence Services became popular in the UAE for its comprehensive intelligence and due attentiveness that it provides for highly complex situations. The firm helped in its client’s famous business opportunities and increased their organization’s reputation online.

Aglaya was founded by Ankur Srivastava in Delhi, the firm gained gratitude after participating in ISS World Fair Dubai, an annual series of conferences casually known as the “Wiretappers’ Ball”, in 2014. It offers cyber-surveillance technologies — intrusion software, mobile telecommunications interception equipment, cyber forensics, etc.

Anant Bidal’s Shoghi new company named Stratign has been providing excellent state-of-the-art communication intellectual solutions to defense and law imposition agencies worldwide. The user-friendliness and potential of these systems have made the Dubai-based Cyber Intelligence Company very popular.

It seems like the relation between the Middle East and India is not one-sided, where UAE set up its branch in India in the form of its Cyber security firm ‘Digital 14’, India also serves its services to UAE in the form of different firms like Phronesis and Agalya.



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