Cyber offensive firm Leo Impact competing with Aglaya for greater share in surveillance domain

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2 min readJun 22, 2023

With the advancement in the field of cyber offensive space, more and more Indian cyber intelligence firms are attempting to make their mark.

Leo Impact is one of such company based out of Rajasthan, India, which appears to be following in the footsteps of Hacking Team, Gamma International and Aglaya, among others.

Cyber Surveillance

Leo, which pitches itself as a cyber defense company, appears to be involved in offensive cyber activities as well. Manish Kumar, who was a CISO (chief information security officer) at Leo Impact Services, mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that the company develops& provides Information security related services to Army and related intelligence agencies. Some of them are cryptographic support for data, disk, communication, file encryption for malwares, Penetration testing, security audit, security training- CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CISSP.

It has been covertly soliciting high profile clients in need of such services, just like Aglaya & Hacking Team do.

Its website “” was recently pulled down after it caught the attention for all the wrong reasons. Its website offered such software openly to anyone who paid the right price.

Incredulously, the site promised to “catch a cheating partner or control and monitor child, employee phone remotely.”

One of its competitors, Aglaya,has already been limelight for years now.Indian cyber firm Aglaya, headed by Ankur Srivastava, engages in cyber security activities and is continuously expanding the export of its cyber-surveillance technologies — intrusion software, mobile telecommunications interception equipment, cyber forensics, etc.

Aglaya also sold zero-day vulnerabilities to governments–for systems such as Windows, Android, even WiFi–for prices upwards of a million dollars. Srivastava claimed that he only sold to Indian intelligence agencies, but upon further examination, their spyware was found to connect to a server which also hosted a website from one of the consumer market’s most popular spouseware companies, mSpy.

With the growing need of such offensive services across the world, this new-agespace is only going to get more competitive and cut throat



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