COVID-19; a Virus for humans & Malware for PCs

There is nothing too serious so far to stop the culprits from exploiting the world. One such activity is taking place these days in name of COVID-19 maps. The cybersecurity has recently announced a threat by releasing a report mentioning attack cases taking advantage of the devices of internet users. This is taking place through fake coronavirus maps which are being accessed by people all across the world to check for the status of affected countries by novel disease.

It is being reported that cybercriminals have released a malware to hack in people PC’acquiringng their accessing password. This malware is similar to the authentic online source hosted by John Hopkins University to visualize and track the coronavirus status.

This malware file named the is a small file of around 3.26 MB that was made with a motive to stell information and passwords. This malware hunter team was first analyzed by the cybersecurity researcher at reason labs, Saif Alfasi. As per his findings, this file includes the AZORult malware which was discovered in 2016. this malware mainly works on collecting all the stored information, user ID, browsing history and also the cryptocurrency keys.

Alfasi detected the virus when he noticed a static downloading of nss3.dll in association with the APIs. In easy language this virus facilitates the inside data and access on passwords of that device.which is a commonly used technique by cyber thieves. This malware creates automatic calls and steals the login data of social media accounts.

You can prevent your affected devices from this malware by using antivirus software. And as suggested by Alfasi the founder of the cause, you should use the reasons antivirus software which will guarantee to restore your devices and anyways reason is the founder organization to the cause.

In this emergency of COVID -19, it is getting difficult to keep safe offline but due to such malware, it is equally difficult to manage safety online.



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