Aglaya’s Ankur Srivastava recognised as an IEEE fellow

Cyber security analysts around the world have known Dr.Ankur Srivastava for making headlines through one of his firms, namely, ‘Aglaya’. However, recently he was recognized for contributing to a new tech development.He has been elected as a fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) “for contributions to chip hardware security.”

Ankur Srivastava holds a B.Tech graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the India’s premier technological institute Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) in 1998 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA in 2002. He was also the former dean of graduate programs in the A. James Clark School of Engineering is based in the United States.

Indian cyber nukes are getting much recognition from the other Asian nations as they are advancing their skills in the field of cyber intelligence .Sellers from all over the world are using their technology.

Ankur Srivastava

In 2016, According to a Motherboard vice report, a 20-page brochure was leaked which put Ankur Srivastava under speculation of supplying spyware to a Asian and Middle Eastern states. However, in a 2017 interview with Forbes magazine, Mr.Srivastava claimed that this company designed such tools but”only sold to Indian intelligence agencies”.

Aglaya came into fame with its summer debut in 2014 as the ‘little-known boutique contractor’ based in Delhi and soon became popular for the tech it offered.

But soon India based Agalya allegedly was able to crack a massive deal of $5 billion a year. Ankur Srivastava, the company’s CEO and founder, supposedly claimed to have outsource surveillance and hacking services to various governments.

Some of the leaked emails also suggest the Aglaya had a connection with UAE-based cybersecurity firm “DarkMatter” which was assembling an army of hackers from around the world to help the UAE government accomplish its vested interests. Aglaya also participated in ISS world in 2016 and got a major contract for conducting a state-sponsored hacking operation.

Aglaya also managed to run a pro-India campaign and simultaneously marketing itself as a vendor of hacking/espionage tools as per the EU –Disinfo lab report.

Currently, Ankur Srivastava works full time as a professor at Maryland University and simultaneously works to become an emerging player in the spyware market.



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